Toothless tigers,wingless birds and armchair politicians

Look at us, my friends. There’s so much talk of how we might become a better nation, a better humanity, a better society…it’s just talk. When do we get down to brass tacks? When shall we walk the talk?

We want a more just world, more equal distribution of wealth, clean government, zero corruption (we will be in heaven then), our human rights and freedoms, equality and all those wonderful ideals we aspire to.

Coming down to earth with a hard thud! The reality of our human condition is so very different. It is difficult, degrading and dirty. It’s 3D, whether you like it or not. The bodies that are supposed to protect us, often persecute us, make our lives miserable, humiliate us. Many of us feel the pressure of being used and exploited by autocrats we may or not clearly identify. The systemic exploiter, oppressor and slaver. The inherent systemic cheats that spew toxic promises of better lives, bright futures, rich rewards, all in exchange for our blood and our souls.

The ‘do-gooders’ make deals with the villains calling it a democratic compromise. They must work together to overcome the problems of this era. What happened to your principles? Were they too difficult to keep? What are the best compromises to keep the people happy in hallucinatory limbo, suspended animation, waiting for something to happen. We’re waiting for Gordo!

We applaud at the publication of the promises. Yes,yes, we agree a hundred percent! Then, we hope, hope and hope… Soon we are treated to the parade of the toothless tigers, the guardians of our rights, liberty and sanity. Again we give loud applause! At last our rights and lives will be protected! They pass by with much fanfare and more promises of better governance, guarantees of justice to be done. The end of criminality, a slate wiped squeaky clean. No more dirt, no more slime… they disappear into the distant fog of the future.

Boyd by the last display of righteous promises, we turn to the next float in the procession – the birds of aspiration. Our aspirations soaring into a grey sky. But, when will they take flight? We are convinced by our hope that they will soar into a clear blue sky,one day. The birds are yet chicks, they haven’t got their flight feathers yet. But, our optimism still fuels hope, they will be propelled by great winds carrying them on wings of freedom and prosperity. So, we wait for the birds of our aspirations to mature and take flight. Always trusting in our choice of human masters who keep feeding our hopes with candy floss.

Over cups of tea, or whatever we choose to drown ourselves in, the talk continues. We engage in intelligent debate, in argument, in conjecture, in gossip, in plain speech, in criticism of our rivals, in friendly banter or sarcasm. Reassuring ourselves of the accuracy of our deductions, the rightness of our convictions, still munching on hope and optimism as we sit back comfortably in our deep armchairs as the politicians of the day.

When reality dawns, the armchairs feel lumpy, the birds of aspiration are wingless and the tigers remain toothless. The dregs of our beverages turn cold, the conversation buddies lie in a drunken stupor. It has all been a mirage, a dream in a matrix of virtual reality, nothing more.

We are our own rescuers, our own heroes, our own catalysts of change… break our addiction to sunshine promises, handouts, and narcotic hope. Disperse this hallucination of better tomorrows with single-mindedness to regain our truth, freedom and independence.

The Stolen Election

About 3 years ago, we worked hard to realize political change in our beloved homeland. We hoped the ideals we believed in and aspired to would be made a reality. Elimination of corruption and racial and religious politics, economic and social equality, and the practice of human rights were high on our wish list. Continue reading “The Stolen Election”

Immortal Spirit of Democracy

It is the 27th August 2015, just two days to the Bersih 4 march in Kuala Lumpur, WP, Kuching, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Malaysians must note and record this historical event for posterity, the next generations must know how their elders struggled and strove to win democratic freedom from oppression, exploitation and feudalism born of past colonial rule. We will remember the past, the present and the future. Continue reading “Immortal Spirit of Democracy”

Spirit of the Tiger must Live On

We lost a Tiger, in fact we have lost 3 true Malaysian patriots. The ones who make us proud and able to hold our heads high among the nations. Continue reading “Spirit of the Tiger must Live On”

Crescendo for Freedom


I can’t help wanting to share this, it is so inspirational in the current environment of despair and trial. At this time, disappointment and despair are also a personal emotion, as well as a popular feeling in this land. It fuels the struggles we face as a people. It is hard to talk about it without feeling the sting of tears behind my eyes, so just see and hear this song from the famous story by Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables

Sing along, if you feel inspired, the lyrics are there for you to join the crescendo for freedom and democracy.

Days darkening before nightfall


After Adam Adli’s release on bail, 1 MP(Member of Parliament), 3 political activist and another student activist were arrested yesterday. They were all charged in court with sedition and  RM5000 bail each, this morning (29th May 2013). Continue reading “Days darkening before nightfall”

Journey of the Comet

Disaster is a leveller. When people of whatever origin, ethnic, cultural or religious background face common adversity, their differences are forgotten. That, is usually the case, but there may be exceptions in certain situations. There are amongst us (the human race), all kinds of characters; some are opportunists, some revert to saving themselves whilst others may emerge as leaders, and still many more, will decide who they think is right. Continue reading “Journey of the Comet”

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