Thank you for your ‘Likes’

Dear Friends and Readers,

Just had a look at my notifications and was amazed at the number of “Likes” you so kindly gave my articles. I’m really touched. I thought my inconsistency in posting articles (more like opinions) would certainly make my readership dwindle into nothingness.

Things have been very depressing lately with all that’s going on here, in our homeland and in the world, so I’m sometimes just dumfounded as to what to say about it. Apart from having daily chores that have doubled because of Covid19, living has become more difficult for most of us ordinary folk from all walks of life. I should consider myself lucky to still be able to afford all my basic needs and no doubt a little more than many others. But, even giving any help we can afford, feels like only a drop in the ocean.

I often find myself looking for an ‘escape’ from these very sad and tragic happenings daily reported on virtually all news channels in the world. Environmental disasters have become another ‘common’ occurrence with climate change being more and more obvious. Looks like the voices of denial of climate change have somewhat reduced volume or are too busy trying to save themselves from these catastrophes.

Saying that, I hope this space gives some solace or consolation to you (hopefully to others too) and will assure you that we are not alone in our struggle to make sense of the current unpredictable, nonsensical, illogical, chaotic fallout of the pandemic and climatic upheavals.

In Malaysia, some of us have resorted to tickling the “funny bone” to show our feelings (“Lepas fras” in Malay). It helps psychologically to some extent, even if we’re not literally stating it. Our usual bottom line, “If you don’t laugh about it, you’ll cry about it”.

So, dear Readers, take good care of yourselves, stay safe and well. May the Force be with you!

Ribuan Terimakasih!

Do unto others…karma

At home and in my travels to other countries as a visitor, I do run up against unpleasant locals or permanently resident migrants who in their great ignorance practice discrimination. I believe that this is an experience shared by quite a number of foreigners who go to various places for various purposes. Racism and xenophobia are common in almost every country in the world. Most of the time we brush off these unpleasant incidences not to spoil our enjoyment of the wonders found in interesting places, or not to offend those who show genuine welcome to their native lands and pride in their customary hospitality.

The ignorant who choose to react to strangers in a prejudicial manner, are often myopic to the fact that their behavior doesn’t go unnoticed by the world at large. People talk to other people, whether by electronic means or face-to-face. Not forgetting videos on YouTube actually recording the incident. Gossip and rumours, now ‘fake news’, spread like wild fire. So, these persons who judge others on their external appearance, skin colour, ethnicity, perceived social status etc. need to be aware that their unpleasantness, prejudice, malice, racism or whatever else will be made known to the world at large. At times, they will also be pointed out to others to their detriment. If they are a business, the victims of their discrimination may inform a larger community to avoid them, so as to avoid being similarly faced with irrational, baseless, malicious discrimination.

Don’t imagine that what you do to one person, stops there. It doesn’t! Remember the warning in the Good Book, that what is done in secret will be shouted from the mountain tops. In this century, from the tops of telco towers, and telephone poles. It can’t be stopped.

Showing prejudice is like stripping in public, it doesn’t reflect on the victim of your humiliation, it reveals to the world what you are.

In the case of kindness and consideration, the giver doesn’t need to broadcast. A kind deed flows like a clean, clear, fresh spring to sooth and calm. These are also remembered and will rain blessings on those who act with love towards others. Goodness has its rewards, given a hundred fold and overflowing when the time comes. Karma will take its course.

The Stolen Election

About 3 years ago, we worked hard to realize political change in our beloved homeland. We hoped the ideals we believed in and aspired to would be made a reality. Elimination of corruption and racial and religious politics, economic and social equality, and the practice of human rights were high on our wish list. Continue reading “The Stolen Election”

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