Music My Healer

Music my Healer, Comforter and Consoler, especially when there’s an empty space to fill, let Music fill it, so the echos will not feel so lonely, but eventually turn the emptiness into a purpose, a renewal and affirmation of my existence. I live again, resurrected by the sweet melodies and meaningful words of songs dear to my heart.

This is my music box, with links to some of my classic favorites. Share my mixed bag of goodies. There are 2 links for some songs because the videos are different but meaningful. Join me in this sweet healing slumber and let the music take you where it will.

Les Miserables

John Denver

Rhymes and Reasons

The Eagle and the Hawk

The Flower that Shattered the Stone

Fly Away

Poems, Prayers and Promises

I’m Sorry

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

(Concert in Central Park 1975)

Paul McCartney & Beatles

Pipes of Peace

Don McLean

Vincent/Starry, starry night

Mountains of Mourne

Folk & Country Worldwide


Bonnie Stewart –  Green Glens of Antrim


Something exciting from a friend in Malaysia. Not exactly a Malaysian song but worth it – enjoy!

India’s Got Talent Season 3 – Chang’s enjoyable singing act (Grand Finale, 7/18)

2 thoughts on “Music My Healer”

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