“Give peace a chance…”-John Lennon

Folks born in the 1950s and 60s may have heard this phrase in one of the famous Beatles songs popular in the 1970s. It looks like the 2nd World War, was not the end of the tragedy and misery brought on by dictators, imperialists and the colonial ambitions of governments. It seems, the beginning of a pathway, subtly beaten to incite more wars, despite the founding of the United Nations to promote and protect international peace and security among nations. Despite the pious principles laid down in the UN Charter for the preservation of humanity and peace, many member countries appear to ignore these fundamental good intentions. The United Nations is now more a diplomatic talk shop for governments, while wars, big and small, continue to rage in various places, generating refugees in their millions, fleeing to save their lives and children. Whatever, became of those wonderful ideals, so many governments promised to practice for the safety, security and prosperity of their people, for the good of the nation?

The dust of WW2 had hardly settled, when native and local populations of colonized territories started to bid for freedom and independence from former colonial overlords. They realized their own strengths and decided to take charge of their own homelands. They took responsibility for the fortunes of their own people. The change was welcomed and supported by the millions with hope for justice, freedom and peace, expecting their leaders to serve their societies with wisdom and justice. Where did it all go wrong?

Peace should bring prosperity and harmony to a society where, ideally, everyone equally enjoys the fruits of their labor. But, in reality, peace time seems to breed envy, greed, dissatisfaction, inequality and discontent. Earth is not heaven, so justice must be worked for, the absence of fraternity is clear and liberty of person is relative or just a pipe dream.

This planet faces obliteration and extinction as nations continue to crave control of everything they can get their paws on. What use is this on-going talk shop among the rich nations of the world? One block against another, starting another Cold War? Conflicts, big and small rage on, no one sees the elephant in the room…

Everyone wants ‘peace’ through the barrel of the nuclear gun, threatening to hasten the end of world, time and space. The era of the sage, where wisdom and learning, sensitivity and awareness is long past. Humankind has lost its innocence, it has become a whore to self-destruction, avarice, gluttony and all seven of the deadliest sins.

Yet, the clarion call echoes in soft and gentle tones, “Give peace a chance!” How many will hear or want to hear it? How many will add their voices to increase the volume of this desperate cry? The starving, the neglected, the enslaved, the besieged, the unemployed, the homeless, the stateless, the hopeless, the oppressed,the powerless, the voiceless ???

Weep, for the human race could soon be over, banished to oblivion.

The Stolen Election

About 3 years ago, we worked hard to realize political change in our beloved homeland. We hoped the ideals we believed in and aspired to would be made a reality. Elimination of corruption and racial and religious politics, economic and social equality, and the practice of human rights were high on our wish list. Continue reading “The Stolen Election”

The value of “thank you”

“It’s silly to say ‘thank you’, quipped the five-year old to his grandfather who told him to thank an aunt for the birthday present she gave him. I wonder what our children learn today? The word ” thank you” seems  fast becoming obsolete to the extent that when it is said it raises expressions of surprise, amazement, annoyance, puzzlement or unresponsive indifference. People don’t understand its meaning anymore. Continue reading “The value of “thank you””

Sweet Solitude

Sometimes the noise and the crowds in daily life get too much to bear. The incessant demands made, the rush to meet deadlines, the obligatory chores bring on episodes of near insanity, confusion and mental fatigue. Life becomes so contradictory that even words are jumbled, thoughts fragment and melt away like wisps of mist evaporating in the sunlight. It is hard to focus, hard to hold a sensible, logical thought. Nothing makes sense anymore. My mind shuts down. Continue reading “Sweet Solitude”

The Doldrums

It’s one of those dark days, the sky is crying; we move around in this semi-twilight whatever the time of day. It’s been like this for several days now, but today the darkness and damp seem particularly oppressive. It never rains but pours, sheets of water spilling off the roof like an overflowing bucket. Continue reading “The Doldrums”

Hidden Bullies

Often when we meet someone for the first time, most of us prefer to think the best of them. They seem pleasant enough, not immediately over-bearing and possibly easy to get along with, like the rest of humanity. We give them the benefit of the doubt as it isn’t fair to prejudge or form false impressions of someone we don’t know. I used to see it that way and still do, except that reality has kicked me into caution. Continue reading “Hidden Bullies”

A Playground in Palestine

The first 72 hour ceasefire in Gaza felt like the time after a heavy down pour, when the sun starts to peep out between the grey clouds and the sky slowly becomes brighter, bluer, and the air fresher. As the pictures flashed on the TV screen, my mind caught on one. Continue reading “A Playground in Palestine”

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