A time to break down

The Good Book says, “There’s a time for every purpose under heaven”. Look around, things seem to be falling apart, breaking down; established and traditional societal structures seem to be crumbling overnight. Our environment is caving in, nothing makes any sense. Through my pessimistic lenses, humankind is “Doomed”. Others, may disagree, taking all this chaos and crumble as the labour pains of change to be born. Not so soon, me thinks, may be over the next hundred years. I’ll probably be gone to ‘greener pastures’ then.

But if these are the birth pains of change, some have yet to realise the pregnancy. These that cling to decaying structures harking back to those “golden ages” of autocracy and absolute power. Wallowing in the nostalgia of days gone, eras of dictatorial mind-sets, when simple folk prostrated themselves before the powerful, treating them like deities, or aliens come down from the heavens? Did they destroy the planet?

Or change it to prosper, on their terms, driving to extinction the aboriginal inhabitants of this planet? Is history repeating itself now? The fissures are becoming noticeably wider.

When the storm is over, what will we wake up to, if we wake up at all? A desert, a limitless ocean with no land in sight? No safe port to moor at. Like dumb boatmen, we’re tossed by the waves drifting further and further into unknown waters where monsters lurk…hungry…craving for fresh blood and raw meat.

A time to break down, prepare for renewal, but remember who and what you are, or be swept away into the gaping abyss of slavery to the powers that be.

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