Progress in degradation

This year so far has been like light years gone by as the country advances towards further deterioration in humanity, intelligence and a rise in unjustified authoritarian heavy-handedness. Yes, the world is in turmoil, people are fleeing  from violence, death, persecution and poverty, among other things. Autocracy and despotism, resulting in cruelty and the degradation of humanity seems the order of the day. Are we accepting this? Becoming increasingly immune to the tragedy of human suffering, the suffering of children, women and men? Are we adapting to a more violent and autocratic world order where rich elite despots survive by sucking up all that nourishes, shelters, protects…even the little that the common folk have? Will we just shake our heads and open our hands saying, “This is Fate, we can do nothing about it”? Or will we blame God for the bad year? For the destruction of our food crops, our forests, our lives and all sanity in a world gone insane? Some bury the morbid vision in an orgy of gluttony, some use the excuse of celebration to drown out reality in drunken debauchery. Some cling to past glories and successes, pretending nothing has changed. Some imagine they have all the answers to life’s problems, whatever they may be. Yet, with the dawn of the new year, we will hardly be finished with the breakdowns of the last one. The problems have neither begun nor ended, we are still wading through an unending stream of tragedies, with more coming our way.

Do we regret our mistakes? No, we cover them up by blaming others, we resort to self-pitying martyrdom. Those in power strut around patting their own backs while trumpeting  self-praise. “What a good job we have done! How well we have served the country!” But they forgot the People, they forgot on whose backs they rode to power. Now, they consolidate their capacity to oppress, repress, exploit, and leave the bill for the People to pay! Will next year be different?

Democracy fled this country long ago and autocracy, nepotism, cronyism and corruption replaced her. How much lower will these evil companions sink this land. The chains of Debt become tighter, cutting into flesh and bone, while the Elites enjoy their caviar, their rich past times on golfing greens, receptions and banquets held in their undeserved honor. In twisted morality, life goes on, making its callous way to the bowels of degradation, degenerate and dark where vice and virtue are all the same. What Hell are we descending to?

Author: jasminetea2

A free lance writer interested in people and ways of living. An adventurer in reality and explorer of fiction. A solitary animal by nature.

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