Malaysia Unsettled

I expect that most Malaysians at home and overseas must know what’s been happening in and to this country in the past few weeks. They must be aware of, perhaps, the first giant steps we’ve taken towards giving ourselves a shot at installing a ‘new’ government to administer this country. Well, the cries of “INI KALILAH” (THIS TIME) and “UBAH!” (CHANGE) rose to the skies from thousands and hundreds of thousands of throats at Pakatan Rakyat (Peoples’ Coalition) rallies all around the country, in the run up to our 13th General Election. We feared reactionary responses by Barisan Nasional‘s (National Front) minions and supporters. It is not a joke, as we feared the worst.

Attacks by the BN, in various forms were launched in their attempts to dislodge the PR from the state governments they occupied, there were 5 in all in 2008, but Perak was ‘overthrown” by 3 two-legged ‘frogs’ being bought over by the BN. It was unfortunate then, that the PAS led PR State government in Perak had such a slim majority. It was hoped that PR could regain Perak, this time round. Regrettably, PR was again ousted in an even less than fair fight on 5th May.  Not just Perak, but the country seems to be undermined by the BN this time.

BN had pulled all the plugs out to regain its losses and stay in power, apparently against the wishes of most ordinary Malaysians supporting “Change”. If the GE13 had been a truly CLEAN, FREE and FAIR election, victory for BN  would be clear and acceptable, but in their obvious refusal to relinquish power at whatever cost and in every way possible,  the electorate can only justifiably, be suspicious.

It felt certain that the tide was finally turning and that we would soon see the BN on the Opposition benches, but weeks into serious election campaigning, this became less sure. Millions, may be billions was spent on last-minute hand outs of MYR500 to households, under the (in) famous BR1M scheme, ‘free-food orgies dubbed ‘charity’ or ‘welfare’ 1Malaysia dinners, lotteries for MYR50 ‘free petrol’ vouchers,  MYR200 vouchers post-election pay outs in BN wining constituencies, alleged ‘phantom’ voters, ballot boxes that ‘fell from the sky’ with extra votes, with more arriving  in taxis and under police escort, plus many other gerrymandering tactics, in addition to the ‘suspect’ electoral roll and changing constituency boundaries. The BN did its best to “steal” our election, AND IT DID!

Protesting the outcome of Najib‘s so-called victory, is reasonable in face of all this foul, unbalanced play by those under the scales symbol (“dacing”). Yet Najib as apparent head of government, has not done anything to quell the protest but uses the Police to threaten protesters. Is this how a legitimate government operates? Behaving like thieves in the night with so much to hide, they shun being questioned?

In contrast PR and  BERSIH (Movement for Clean, Free and Fair Elections) has called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate the accusations of fraud and will set up a Peoples’ Tribunal to clarify, determine and define the real status of these elections. The populace have become wary and distrustful of all government agencies, including the judiciary. However, the PR is prepared to take legal action, probably, just for the record. A public trial may help, especially if attended by the international community and media. That’s the best we can hope for.

Will the world endorse  Najib’s ‘victory’ and decide to revert to ‘business-as-usual” with a questionably legitimate government? Some say this is a minority government with about 47% of the popular vote, in contrast to 50%++ won by the Opposition. Is this a minority government? This doesn’t make any sense.

Forcing the Rakyat (People) to accept a doubtful election outcome and similarly endorse the dubious mandate for the BN to continue in government is clearly unacceptable. Najib’s administration has launched a negative and draconian response to the nagging questions of gerrymandering and vote rigging in this election, dubbed the “dirtiest” in Malaysian history.

Still, this is only a “phantom victory”. In its wake, threats and insinuation spews from the BN media mouth pieces attempting to re-create the racially explosive environment of 13th May 1969. This dark, bloodstained period in Malaysia’s history has always been used by the BN, especially UMNO, to threaten and coerce the electorate ever since it tainted our history.

Whatever, the world may think, the Rakyat know why democratic change is necessary. It is the Peoples’ say that matters for democracy, freedom and the unfettered exercise of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. It is not asking for the sun, moon and stars, but what is possible to free our country from all vestiges of neo-colonialism. True ‘Merdeka’ (Independence) is yet to come.


Blackout 505 is in force for now.

Author: jasminetea2

A free lance writer interested in people and ways of living. An adventurer in reality and explorer of fiction. A solitary animal by nature.

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