Gangnam Backfire – Daching Upset!

The 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster at Tanjung Tok...
The 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster at Tanjung Tokong, Penang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
PSY – the mop
PSY – the mop (Photo credit: Joybot)

Following up from my last post on Psy‘s dilemma, it looks like the BN’s sneaky tactic to lure votes, backfired instead, when thousands turned up just to enjoy Psy’s performance. A few incidents took place starting with the ‘yee sang’ fracas… when the table of ‘yee sang’ went back and forth undecided whether to go off stage; after a lot of standing around and caterwauling for Psy to join the motley crowd of VIPs on stage. Then, the Emcee legging it across stage, waving her arms and showing more than a little thigh, in her tight ‘cheong sam’. The baffled interlude when Psy didn’t appear filled with clapping and more caterwauling, and the ‘yee sang’ spread finally making its exit carted away by stage hands with the table.

As if that wasn’t enough, the BN boss, PM Najib’s attempted damage control by asking the crowd if Penang was ready for BN…He may have heard a murmured “Yes” in the front rows, although video recorders caught an unqualified, “NO!” towards the back of the crowd where it was thickest. He must have thought he heard wrong, as he shouted the question 2 more times and received a louder negative reply from the masses. However, they were all psyched up and ready for Psy!

In the aftermath of the backfire of their ploy and the  public embarrassment, a story was hastily cooked up by the mainstream media that Psy didn’t appear because of a devious threat to his life. This didn’t quite wash with many people; if this was true, then the performance should have been immediately stopped and crowd  dispersed, whilst the PM should also have been similarly whisked away for safety’s sake. Looks like Psy’s safety was more important than that of the country’s leader. Well, this is Malaysia,  reputed for getting priorities back-to-front or inside-out.

Funny thing is, on the same day, after his brilliant performance, Psy was seen going into a Korean restaurant in Tanjung Tokong, just down the road from his hotel. In fact, 200 fans were waiting for him when he arrived, despite his movements being unpublicized. At least one news daily managed to catch him there, without a police escort. Well, so much for the devious threat!

This has probably boosted numbers in Psy’s fan club, so Psy came out tops with Penangites, tipping the scales in his favor, with the BN pushed off the end of their own “daching” (weighing scales)! What a dog’s dinner!

His next visit, hopefully in a few months time, is anticipated with high excitement and enthusiasm. Thank you, Psy, hopefully, circumstances will be much happier on your next visit here.

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13 thoughts on “Gangnam Backfire – Daching Upset!”

    1. Possibly, with the GE13 (13th General Election) very near, people certainly must start thinking of the kind of future they want for this country. So, think before you vote and ask the necessary questions, especially, how we can stop corruption! Yes, we certainly must make plans now and ensure our future happiness.


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