Round Peg in a Square Hole

Some times, when I feel a bit off colour, many things go through my mind. Still, I guess it is natural for one to feel the pressure, especially on a low, not a high. I’m quite a solitary animal and tend to move independently, and as I wish. Yet, the pressure comes from the feeling that there are expectations to meet. All of us are certainly aware of expectations we have to live up to daily. As my readers, you probably have your own expectations of this blog too. Sorry, for not being an expert, as I’ve said, I’m a rookie, please be patient. But, this is not the only thing I can feel pressured by, there are days when one feels torn between so many chores to complete and decisions to make that, you don’t know from where to start  – feeling spaced out to near disintegration.

Added to that, knowing or feeling that living up to certain expectations is like being a round peg forced into a square hole, is rather unbearable. Stereo-typing just kills me.

So much emphasis is put on externals that people often have misconceptions about others. They even stereo-type the sort of thoughts attributed to someone, totally unknown to them. They think you share their thought patterns and attitudes, which in reality, you don’t. Externals can mislead, especially without further confirmation of the reality. So, many people actually judge others on very superficial facts they gather from mere impression. Sadly, these myths are built into major blockades by those opportunists with ulterior motives of their own, to keep the popularity they feel is threatened by the new kid on the block.

Frankly, it’s a mystery to me, why some people feel threatened by someone they know nothing of, nor really want to know anything about. Perhaps, it’s assuming attitudes that don’t exist in the subject of their enmity.

When you’re happily minding your own business, someone must trip you up. Perhaps, the green-eyed-monster is at work on them. I don’t know. For me it’s basically – live and let live. You don’t have to oppress or spite anyone to get on with life or to feel good about yourself. Instead, be honest and look carefully inside to find what’s bugging you to the point of hitting out at others.

Building mental proto-types of persons, you are not even acquainted with is very unfair, yet some revel in malicious gossip and rumor-mongering.  Hard to understand the need for that, but I guess there are people like that in this imperfect world who love smut and sleaze, instead of anything clean and wholesome. Perhaps, they find such means useful to achieve, whatever, purpose they have in mind.

That one has to do that to get on in life, is tragic. Something must be really eating them inside to cause them to strike out at all and sundry for no real reason. It becomes an obsession. Interpretation of actions  take on a twisted and wholly unrealistic meaning and the internal conflict will never stop, unless, they are freed by being honest with themselves. Otherwise, a reality check is badly needed.

Well, we all have our weaknesses and perhaps, should feel sorry for those who can’t let go of the bitterness that gets more bitter everyday. Putting this down has helped me feel much, much, better.

Author: jasminetea2

A free lance writer interested in people and ways of living. An adventurer in reality and explorer of fiction. A solitary animal by nature.

5 thoughts on “Round Peg in a Square Hole”

    1. Thanks a million, glad it helps you, although I’m not an authority in psychology, I’m probably a subject of study. Anyway, if it helps…all the best for your presentation. Good luck!


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