Many Faces of Eve

This topic may be a little touchy for some people, especially if you’re male but some how, it has to be said sooner or later. Having gotten used to being in male company, since I was about 10 years old, it is normal for me to feel like one of the guys, most of the time. Yet, at times when men seem to come on too strong, my usual reaction is to pull away from this unwanted attention. Many women could probably empathize with this. Despite, the signs of rejection, some guys seem to think that all women like to play hard to get, and persist in forcing it for their own selfish ends. As a teacher of mine used to say, “If dropping hints is not enough, one has to drop bricks!” So, I would resort to dropping bricks to ward off these ‘pests’. Saying this, I’m probably already unpopular with some of my male friends.

Egotism really gets up my nose and when that happens, I feel like turning into the female version of The Hulk! One feels like grinding a sharp stilleto heel into the face of the pest and squashing him like a cockroach! This sounds a little out of character with this blog but men should be made aware that it is the woman’s call and not theirs, to decide if such romantic attention is wanted or not. I can’t imagine how abused women feel. It isn’t surprising that some end up murdering the abuser, who rightly deserves it, regardless of the illegality and consequent punishment, the already suffering victim often faces.

Some women seem to accept that men are unable to control themselves and just play along. If men were such weaklings without the ability to decide what they should do in particular circumstances, then, it might be better to put the reins of government into women’s hands because they are by nature more decisive, and in control of their own sexual urges. Yet, egotism, is not exclusively confined to men. Women too can be egotistic, arrogant and mercilessly cruel. Woman’s alter ego of her instinctive maternal, kind, gentle and giving nature, often escapes the egotistic man who imagines himself a ‘gift’ to womankind.

So, guys who revel in a patriarchal, egotistic mindset, should beware of the many faces of Eve, she may turn into the Medusa without warning.

Author: jasminetea2

A free lance writer interested in people and ways of living. An adventurer in reality and explorer of fiction. A solitary animal by nature.

17 thoughts on “Many Faces of Eve”

  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day.
    It’s always useful to read articles from other writers
    and practice a little something from other sites.


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