A Guide to Cross Over or A Premonition?

At a funeral wake for my aunt who recently passed away, I overheard one of my cousins say that before she left us, she had seen her eldest brother and a sister, both long ‘gone home to the Lord’. Apparently, her sister’s apparition had told her that she was going to take her to their childhood home. Whether she had seen them in dreams or if she had seen them when wide awake, I don’t know. But since she was in a semi-coma just before her apparent brief recovery, she may have seen them in that twilight world in semi-consciousness. 

This is the third time, I’ve heard of people seeing long dead relatives shortly before joining them on the other side, so to speak. 

My grandfather was southern Indian and dark skinned, and before Granny (who was Chinese)  passed on, she was said to have remarked to the relative who was caring for her, that she saw an Indian man in the room and asked who he was, yet no one else there saw him. Granny was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and could not remember Grandpa or any other of her family. She was also in her 90s before she passed away. This happened a few days before, dear Granny, said “Good-bye”. 

Also, just before a cousin passed away, about 10 years ago, he said he dreamt of his mother, who had passed on long before, calling him home. It was as if he had a premonition or warning of his coming demise. In sharing their experiences, some friends tell of the reluctance of loved ones to do things or go to certain places on the very day they died. Then, there is also the completion of work or having visited everyone and tied up all personal affairs neatly before just “popping off”, like an uncle of mine did, a few years ago. Are these premonitions that there will be no more time or opportunity to do these things?

To an extent, I believe that the paranormal or supernatural possibly exists, but don’t have anything to confirm this belief. Yet, it seems to be the in-thing nowadays, with big screen Hollywood, foreign television and even local film makers, attempting to explore and document evidence of paranormal/supernatural activity. The spirit world, if it exists, is a complete mystery, yet how can the unexplainable be explained by science?

Coming back to the point, I’m not actually speculating on if ghosts exists or not, but simply wondering if these ‘visions’ that some people have, are actual premonitions or warnings of their demise. It may sound creepy to some, but perhaps it is something natural and linked to the spirit within us, that we believe exists. Perhaps, it is the spirit knowledge in ourselves that  realizes when it is time to leave, an alarm-clock set to alert us when the time comes.

Then, again, it is consoling to think that, a loved one, we are familiar with, may act as our guide into the spirit world. Our first steps into the unknown…

Light across the water

As for ghosts, a few theories exist and are expressed in so-called “ghost stories” or studies of the paranormal. Whether these are really scientific or not, they certainly make exciting reading and popular television. If you have a story to tell about death premonitions, or near death experiences, do share them. I wonder, if I’ll have warning when my time is up? Hopefully, I’ll be able to leave peacefully, and live happily ever after with those who have passed on, and that a loved one will come to fetch me on that final journey home.

Author: jasminetea2

A free lance writer interested in people and ways of living. An adventurer in reality and explorer of fiction. A solitary animal by nature.

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Cross Over or A Premonition?”

    1. I’m rather curious about such things, often wondering if this is real. What lies on the other side? Some say it is like going into another room or living in the same place in a parallel dimension. From stuff I’ve read (not very much actually) and films like “Sixth Sense” made in the 1990s, there seem to be various theories about why ghosts exists or the possibility of the dimension we are now in ‘colliding’ with the other dimension. Writers of paranormal stories play with the idea that a person may not be aware that they are dead, others base this ‘return’ on unfinished business, something left undone or something to make up for or left unsaid. There are people who are actually exploring the after life, if there truly is one. I’m certainly no expert and have no real knowledge of such things. I can only make observations. Perhaps, some mysteries will remain mysteries and having no real answers makes life more interesting. Do share any stories you have, that’ll be really interesting. Thanks for the comment.


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