Music My Healer

Music my Healer, Comforter and Consoler, especially when there’s an empty space to fill, let Music fill it, so the echos will not feel so lonely, but eventually turn the emptiness into a purpose, a renewal and affirmation of my existence. I live again, resurrected by the sweet melodies and meaningful words of songs dear to my heart that evoke memories.

This is my music box, with links to some of my classic favorites. Share my mixed bag of goodies. There are 2 links for some songs because the videos are different but meaningful. Join me in this sweet healing slumber and let the music take you where it will.

Les Miserables

This was a hit in Malaysia just before GE13 when many became disillusioned and tired of the then powerful BN government that had seemed to lose all sense of morality, humanity and responsibility as a government. Corruption was (regrettably still is) rife in our beloved homeland. It was a time when “Change” was the catchphrase of the day, particularly in urban Malaysia. Urbanites with access to IT, the internet held avid political discussions on the current state of the nation. It was a time of review, mental turmoil and conflict between keeping traditional norms and breaking away from the feudalistic mind. It was the high point of our hope for a better future, a better, cleaner, nation which government would be intolerant of nepotism, cronyism, and all manner of corruption. That was the first shockwave that hit the country when the UMNO led BN lost its majority for the first time in 44 years.

John Denver 

My favorite country and western singer who brought the wonder, power and majesty of nature into his repertoire. His songs often mesmerized me. It was the late 1970s and I was on the last leg of secondary school. It was an uncertain time for me at the cross roads of life, not knowing which way to turn yet seeing new doors to open and explore life. It was also a time of discovery of what I could really do and be. Time to throw off the straight jacket of family expectation and form my own ideas. Virtually none of this was accepted, and I often went against their grain. I grew up outside the home and family circle, I realized I was the wild flower, not the cultivated rose of their expectations.

Rhymes and Reasons

The Eagle and the Hawk

The Flower that Shattered the Stone

This song is a memorial of John Denver who died  in an experimental plane crash on 12 October 1997 in Monterey Bay, California, USA. What impressed me most about this song was its title. Thinking about it, a living thing of such grace, beauty and sweetness can break rigid, hard rocks that are immovable, inflexible and outwardly impenetrable. Like the spirit of love, mercy and peace, the flowers of our hearts and souls may shatter cold hearted hatred, violence, cruelty and war. But, like the seed that must die to give new life to a tree, the spirit must learn the ways of peace and love. To give of itself unconditionally, so the flower can grow and bloom to its fullest and most fragrant to shatter the despair and misery of human beings.

Fly Away

When the path seems to come to a dead-end, I tend to wish I could fly away like a bird.  Feel the wind on my face and find a new life, a new way, a new tomorrow. Many of us do that. Are we running away from our problems or trying to recreate ourselves for another tomorrow? Most times, we return like homing pigeons to the same reality. Some others may succeed in breaking free of it. Will tears wash away this cloud of despair, or refresh our strength to find another way out of this dead-end?

Poems, Prayers and PromisesHelp(opens in a new tab)

I’m Sorry

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

(Concert in Central Park 1975)

Don McLean

Vincent/Starry, starry night

Mountains of Mourne

Folk & Country Worldwide


Bonnie Stewart –  Green Glens of Antrim


Something exciting from a friend in Malaysia. Not exactly a Malaysian song but worth it – enjoy!

India’s Got Talent Season 3 – Chang’s enjoyable singing act (Grand Finale, 7/18)

5 thoughts on “Music My Healer”

      1. I’m glad you let me know about your blog. There’s so much to read, enjoy, digest and reflect on. Keep on writing. I truly appreciate the effort. John Denver is smiling down on you from his beloved Rocky Mountains 🤗


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    1. Sorry, I think I prefer to be more creative than copyist. Don’t subscribe to plagiarism, it’s unethical and you can be sued for it. Picking other peoples’ brains and making their ideas your own is not exactly intelligent. It makes you a copycat with no ideas of your own. Even if a crowd does it, it shows bankruptcy in the idea department.

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